Sunday, January 4, 2009

Angel Babies

So, on Christmas Eve at our church we have a "live nativity" of sorts. Not the kind where you pet camels, but the kind where kids dress up as anyone they want to be and act out the Christmas story. One year you might end up with seven Mary's, two Joseph's and twelve donkeys...the next year you might have an outbreak of shepherds. I asked Sophie who she wanted to be a couple of days before the "play." Mary? A shepherd? A fuzzy lamb? A wise guy? She wanted to be the star. Not like "the star of the play," which I'm thinking would be Jesus, in this case. No, she wanted to be the STAR. The one that appeared in the field. I thought that was AWESOME and started dreaming up ways to make a golden star costume, but ten minutes later she changed her mind and wanted to be an angel. I tried to convince her how unique and amazing the star idea was, but glittery wings had more appeal. Jameson joined his sister on stage as little brother angel. Guess he's still trying to earn his wings.

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Anonymous said...

They are great angel babies, and they will always "star" in what ever they do... HEEE..

Love you all.