Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Little Man Update

You know what Santa brought Jameson? His two front teeth. Front and bottom, anyway. The first one was peeking through the gums right before Christmas. He grew a whole new tooth sitting in the Charlotte airport. There was nothing else to do.

Other things to note: His hair is turning blonder. It gets lighter in color every time we wash it -- it's like we're washing the dirt out. (Which, I know, we are...and the smashed nanner and the sweet potato and the rice cereal, but the kid was born with dark brown hair and it's getting closer and closer to Sophie's color every day.)

He makes noises. His first intelligible sound was "AGUA." He said it four times in a row. Frank was very excited because now we can list his first language as Spanish when we're filling out college scholarship applications. He also says "ba" and "da" and "nanananananananananana." He skipped the "ma" but whenever I say it he grins really big. My theory is that he knows how to say Momma and he's messing with me.

And he MOVES. It's not a get-up-on-your-knees-and-go kind of crawl -- more of a military crawl. And every move involves a might YAWP. See for yourself:


Maggie said...

It's nice that he already likes his toothbrush so much.

Anonymous said...

Um - what is that noise he is making? I love it! And oh my goodness, watching him crawl is so fun - I had to watch it many times.
Love you all - Aunt Jill