Monday, January 12, 2009

When you don't know, make it up

Maybe we shouldn't have spent the first three years of Sophie's life just making crap up when we didn't know an answer (or didn't want to deal with a meltdown). Like the many, many times when we pointed at store signs and said things like, "That says no kids allowed -- we have to wait here for Daddy," or "Look -- that sign says NO YELLOW PILLOWS" when we wanted her to leave the pillow in the car.

We were talking about school the other day and I asked her about a new girl.
Me: What's your new friend's name?
Sophie: The one with brown hair?
Me: Uh-huh.
Sophie: That's curly? And she has glasses? Red ones?
(Yes, yes, and yes. She definitely knows the kid.)
Sophie: Ummm. I think her name is Sausage.
(No. It's NOT Sausage. I found out when I dropped her off that the new girl is Emilia from Guatemala.)

The next day driving to school:
Sophie: Did you know that my friend Arden also flew on an airplane?
Me: Really? Where did she go?
Sophie: To Guacamala.
Me: Oh, I think it was Emilia. She's from Gua-te-ma-la.
Sophie: Say "Gua." (Gua.) Say "Ca." (Ca.) Say "Mala." (Mala.) Good job, Mom. Arden went to Guacamala.


Lauren W said...

Oh my goodness- I think she is the funniest kid I have ever seen. We need more videos soon. I am still having to watch the shark and puppet show videos when I need to smile.

Maggie said...

LOL. This might be my favorite post ever. I can't wait until we can all go to Guacamala. Mmmm...I hope they have margaritas there...

Anonymous said...

Do they put lemon or lime on the green stuff in Guacamala?

What a crack up.

Diana A